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Whens the last time you brought your child for a dental checkup?

Dental Pointe Makes a Good Point: Now’s the Time for Dental Checkups

It seems odd to stress the importance of school checkups when public schools in the U.S. are finishing out the school year, but this is the best time to get a dental checkup. You want your child’s teeth to be cavity-free and clean before the summer fun begins. Family Dental Checkup


Your Child’s Oral Health and the Importance of Early Detection

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has identified dental caries as the most common chronic disease of children from 6-11 years old. Tooth decay is a serious problem for children, and the key to healthy, erupted permanent teeth is good oral health.
If your child’s primary teeth develop serious decay, his/her permanent teeth may end up getting the short end of the stick. Why? Primary tooth infections can damage permanent teeth that haven’t finished developing.
Regular checkups ensure decay won’t get out of hand. Plus, annual exams are important for teaching your child the importance of daily oral hygiene. The best dental practices are acquired with the help of educational materials and a dentist’s helpful instructions.

School Checkups: Naperville Residents Benefit from Early Appointments

Most parents schedule school checkups in Naperville around the beginning of August, which is already a busy time for buying school supplies, registering for classes and meeting your child’s new teacher(s).
Checking off your child’s dental checkup can be a healthy start to the summer.
Is it time for your child’s school checkup in Naperville? Call our office today, or schedule your appointment online!