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Three Myths About Braces
By Dental Pointe
February 04, 2015
Category: Dental Procedure
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Unfortunately for Naperville residents with gapped or crooked teeth, braces have received somewhat of a poor reputation, which is preventing people from achieving the beautiful smile they deserve. If your teeth are gapped or crooked, you owe it to yourself to get the facts so you can make the best treatment decision for you. Here is what all Naperville residents need to know about braces.

Myth #1: Braces are Just for Kids

Truth: While many Naperville Dental Pointe patients are adolescents, braces certainly aren't just for kids. Adults can wear them too! It doesn't matter how old you are - you deserve to look and feel your best. If braces are the best way to do that, then you should get them! Your beautiful new smile will be completely worth any slight embarrassment you feel in the meantime.

Myth #2: Braces Will Make Me Look Like a Metal Mouth

Naperville residents who want braces have far more options available to them than just the traditional metal braces. While the metal braces are still typically recommended for the worst dental cases, people with less severe cases do have other options. These options include braces with colored bands, invisible braces and even braces that attach to the back of the teeth where they aren't as noticeable.

Myth #3: Once My Braces Come Off, My Teeth Will Be Straight Forever

While braces will make your teeth look amazing by the time they come off, unfortunately, it is common for your teeth to attempt to crowd or gap once again. You'll very likely need to prevent this by wearing a retainer at least part of the time to keep your teeth looking great.

If you've been wanting straighter teeth for a while now, but you haven't yet called Dental Pointe in Naperville for a consultation -what are you waiting for? Getting braces is a fantastic way to finally achieve that beautiful smile you've been wanting. Call and ask about your treatment options today!