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The Benefits of Sealants
By Dental Pointe
June 19, 2019
Category: Dental Procedure
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From overconsuming sugary foods to maintaining poor oral hygiene habits and techniques, children are at an increased risk for tooth sealantsdecay for a number of reasons. Additionally, back molars can be particularly difficult for children to reach with a toothbrush, thus increasing the risk of decay. Fortunately, dental sealants can help protect these hard-to-reach areas from decay by leveling and evening out their surfaces, making them easier to brush and more plaque-resistant. Dr. Scott Szatkowski, your dentist in Elk Grove Village and Melrose Park, IL, recommends sealants for children and teenagers—read on to learn more about this valuable, preventative treatment.


Protect your child's teeth with dental sealants

An uneven biting surface creates a number of opportunities and places for bacteria to grow. By creating a layer on the surface of teeth, sealants make problem-areas to brush and more resistant to decay. Just think of sealants as a protective coating that absorbs the effects of wear-and-tear, residual food, and bacteria so that the tooth enamel doesn't have to.

Sealants are perfectly clear, offering up discreet protection that looks and feels natural, and has the ability to last for up to ten years. They are made from composite resin (a combination of plastic, glass, and other dental materials) and should be checked periodically for cracks and chips. Even with sealants, your child will still have to brush and floss as recommended, as well as receive regular dental check-ups and cleanings to prevent tooth decay and other oral health issues.


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