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Schedule a Checkup For Your Child This Winter
By Dental Pointe
January 12, 2015
Category: Dental Health
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Make your child’s smile a priority in the New Year by seeing their family dentist in Naperville.

Even though the 2015 celebrations are over, we still have a full year to look forward to. While we never have any idea where the year will take us, you do have control over certain things. If one resolution for you and your family is to be healthier, then the Dental Checkupnext step you can take is to make sure your child has his or her next family dental appointment in Naperville scheduled. Even if it’s been a while since your child’s last checkup, the New Year is a wonderful time to take charge.

What is the purpose of a dental checkup in Naperville?

Your child’s routine dental checkups are a crucial part of preventive care. This means that our goal during each routine exam is to provide your child with the proper care to ensure that he or she doesn’t develop cavities or gum disease. It’s always better to prevent these issues from occurring rather than just treating the problem when it happens.

What should my child expect from his/her checkup?

When your child comes in for his or her dental checkup in Naperville they will get a professional dental cleaning that involves brushing, flossing and most likely some fluoride treatment. We will also thoroughly examine your child’s smile to make sure that their bite is properly aligned, that they aren’t experiencing any pain or discomfort, and that everything looks healthy.

Once a year we will also run X-rays to make sure that your child’s teeth are developing properly and to check for decay and other problems.

How often should my child see his/her Naperville family dentist?

Unless your dentist tells you otherwise, your child should see us every six months for routine care. If we happen to find a cavity that needs to be filled, then we will schedule another appointment at a later date. If your child is currently wearing braces or is planning on getting braces, then he or she will also need to come in about every six weeks to ensure that their orthodontic treatment is progressing as it should.

With the high consumption of sugar this holiday season it’s never been a better time to ensure that your child’s smile is still healthy and cavity-free. If it’s time to schedule his or her next dental appointment in Naperville, give our office a call today!