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Polishing Your Teeth Before the School Bell Rings!

It’s hard to admit, but summer is coming to an end. What comes after summer break? School. This means your family will be getting back into their regular routine—no vacations, no swimming pools, and less free time. Before your summer comes to an end, find a convenient time to schedule a professional cleaning and dental checkup before schoolstarts in Naperville.

Why Should You See a Dentist in the Summer?

There are many reasons we encourage patients to seek dental care during the summer months, including: 

  • Patient’s teeth may require additional treatment
  • You can avoid the busy fall and spring schedules
  • Children have healthy, clean teeth for the upcoming school year (perfect for school pictures!)

We strive to make your dental appointment as comfortable and convenient as possible. To get a school checkup before the actual school year means patients tend to have more time to discuss their dental concerns. 

How Orthodontic Patients Can Benefit from a Professional Cleaning

This reminder to get a checkup also goes out to our orthodontic patients. If you have braces, we highly recommend you see the dentist on a regular basis. Food debris, acid particles and plaque easily hide between and behind brackets and wires. Trying to remove food particles and sticky plaque can be a challenge because a toothbrush can only reach so much of a tooth’s surface area. To keep bacteria under control, make sure your dentist checks your teeth and gum tissue on a bi-annual basis.

If the end of summer doesn’t work for your family, we can provide general and orthodontic services in Naperville during the school year. We are open Monday through Saturday, so weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

To schedule an appointment with our Naperville dental practice, please call (630) 333-9571. How was your summer break? Are you ready to get back into the swing of things?