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FAQs About Braces
By Dental Pointe
October 05, 2015
Category: Dental Procedure
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Are you thinking about braces for yourself or a family member? Or do you already have braces but need help? Dental Pointe is here to help with some frequently asked questions. If what you need isn't covered here, please call or visit our Naperville dentist office.Braces

Why should someone get braces?
Many people feel embarrassed about their crooked teeth. However, straighter teeth don't just look better; they're healthier too. Teeth that are poorly aligned can be difficult to take care of, making them prone to cavities and gum disease.

How do I get myself or my child started with braces?
Come in to Dental Pointe in Naperville, where we will do an examination. That may include taking a dental and medical history and taking some X-rays. After that, we can discuss options and courses of treatment.

What's the best age for a child to start braces?
The official recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontists is that kids be screened at age 7, when some permanent teeth have started to come in. That way we can tell early on what, if any, treatment will be needed.

I'm an adult. Am I too old for braces?
As long as your gums and bones are in good shape, there's no age limit on braces.

Is my child too young for braces?
Even children as young as two might need treatment if the problem is severe. In any case, the best age to start treatment will depend on the child's particular issue. So if you have any concerns, come into the office and have one of our dentists take a look.

Do braces hurt?
There is often some soreness, but the pain will generally not be severe. Sometimes the patient's condition will require surgery, which can be more uncomfortable. However, we will manage your pain and make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

How long do braces stay on?
Anywhere from 6 months to 4 years, depending on the individual.

Are there food restrictions with braces?
Hard or sticky foods can damage your braces. Your dentists in Naperville will give you a comprehensive list of foods that you will need to avoid during treatment.

What do I do about oral hygeine?
It's very important to keep your teeth clean while you have braces. Brush after every meal or snack. You should also floss every day - your dentists can show you how. And don't forget to have your regular cleanings every six months.

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