• The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups
    The school year is about to start, and before everything starts gearing up, you may want to make sure that your child starts the school year off in the best Read more
  • The Benefits of Sealants
    From overconsuming sugary foods to maintaining poor oral hygiene habits and techniques, children are at an increased risk for tooth decay for a number of reasons. Additionally, back molars can Read more
  • Teeth Whitening Gives You Confidence In One Appointment
    Teeth whitening gives you confidence in one appointment by delivering a smile that is several shades whiter. If your teeth have become dull over time or have been stained by certain Read more
  • FAQs About Teeth Whitening
    What would you do for a brighter smile? It's not as difficult as you think. At Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL, Dr. Rani Seeth and Dr. Fariha Quereshi offer both in-office Read more
  • When are Dental Crowns Needed?
    How dental crowns from your dentists in Naperville, Illinois can strengthen your smile Dental crowns have a number of uses, ranging from restoring a damaged smile to replacing old, large metal Read more
  • What May Cause You to Need Oral Surgery?
    How oral surgery from your dentists in Naperville, IL, can help you and your smile If you are suffering from tooth pain, having oral surgery can relieve your pain and save Read more
  • The Benefits of Dental Implants
    The science of dental implantation was first discovered in the 1960s. Decades later, dental implants continue to be the ideal tooth replacement option for patients who have recently experienced tooth Read more
  • The Importance of School Checkups
    What You Need to Know About School Checkups in Naperville, Il Your child's dental healthcare is important. Taking care of your kid's teeth while teaching them proper oral hygiene is essential Read more
  • Ways Oral Surgery May Help You
    Learn about oral surgery from your Naperville dentists. Do you need oral surgery? Oral surgeons are dentists who have received special training in surgery to correct problems of the mouth and Read more
  • Show Off Your Best Possible Smile
    On how many occasions do you find yourself hiding your teeth, whether it’s in pictures or in familiar company? This can have a major effect on your self-esteem and even change how Read more
  • Reasons You Should Visit Your Dentist
    Find out if the issues you are facing require dental care. It’s important to know when you should turn to one of our Naperville, IL, dentists for care. A dentist can Read more
  • Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening
    Could your smile stand a little improvement? Teeth whitening offers a simple, inexpensive way to boost your smile. The Naperville, IL, dentists at Dental Pointe answer a few questions about Read more
  • Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?
    Find out if the symptoms you are experiencing could be warning you that you might need oral surgery. Sure, no one wants to think about needing to have a permanent tooth removed. After Read more
  • Signs You May Need a Root Canal
    Discover the telltale signs that something is wrong with a tooth. Sure, we know that not everyone will experience dental symptoms even when there is a problem brewing. This is why Read more
  • The Benefits Of Braces and Orthodontic Treatments
    How orthodontic treatments from Naperville can improve your smile If you want your smile to be perfectly aligned, beautiful and healthy too, it’s time to think about orthodontic treatments. Modern braces Read more
  • Revive Your Smile Through Veneers
    Do you want to give your entire smile a makeover it won’t soon forget? While we can’t all be lucky enough to have the ideal smile, this doesn’t mean that our Read more

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