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Do Dentists Offer Teeth Whitening?

We can help you get that more radiant smile you’ve been looking for.

Who says that you have to whiten your smile on your own? You absolutely can turn to over-the-counter whitening kits, trays, and strips to try and achieve a whiter smile, but often, people don’t get the results they were hoping for. This is typically when they turn to our Naperville, IL, family dentists Dr. Rani Seeth, Dr. Fariha Querishi, and Dr. Poornima Gangaji for professional teeth whitening. You may be surprised to learn that not only do we offer in-office whitening, but also at-home whitening treatment.

About Professional Teeth Whitening

When you come in to see our Naperville, IL, dentists for teeth whitening we will use a highly concentrated bleaching agent that can only be applied by a dental professional. You won’t find this same whitening gel at your local drugstore. This bleaching gel is painted on the surface of your teeth, after which a laser beam is directed at your smile to activate the gel.

The whitening process takes about 45 minutes, where the gel is applied and then reapplied in three, 15-minute sessions. After every 15 minutes, we will remove the gel and reapply another layer and use the laser once more to activate it.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Getting teeth whitening from our Naperville, IL, cosmetic dentists is a great option if you are looking to get a whiter smile quickly. This is particularly useful for someone looking to get a whiter smile before a big event like a wedding or photoshoot. Furthermore, not only do we get teeth whiter faster but we also offer dramatic results.

Unlike at-home whitening products, our whitening system can get teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one session. This is certainly a drastic change in your smile. That’s because our system not only removes stubborn surface stains but actually lightens the shade of our teeth, as well. This results in an overall brighter, more radiant smile.

Furthermore, if you deal with tooth or gum sensitivity, then opting for professional teeth whitening is ideal since we can easily tailor and change your whitening treatment if you start to feel any discomfort or sensitivity during your session. This is something you won’t be able to do from the comfort of your own home when you whiten yourself.

Professional Teeth Whitening Results

As we mentioned before, we can get teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one session. Factors such as the condition of your teeth and the severity of your stains will determine just how bright we can get your smile. Results are instant and most people can enjoy a whiter smile for up to two years if they adopt good oral care and avoid stain-causing foods. You may also opt for additional whitening treatments to maintain your new smile.

If you are sick and tired of whitening your smile yourself, turn to our Naperville, IL, pros for professional teeth whitening. To find out if you’re an ideal candidate for teeth whitening, call Dental Pointe at (630) 333-9571 to schedule a consultation with our team.

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