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Make Sure Your Mouthguard Fits

There are many reasons that your dentist might recommend a mouthguard and if they have, you really want to make sure it fits properly. The friendly and experienced dentists at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL, are ready and waiting to ensure that during your child's school checkups, their mouthguard fit is 100% correct. 

Why Should a Mouthguard Fit Well?

If a mouthguard, or any other dental device does not fit correctly, the purpose of the guard may not be carried out. In fact, a poorly fitting mouthguard may actually do more harm than good. This is why it is so vital to regularly check this at your school checkups at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL. 

Mouthguards that fit well will help to avoid teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and many other issues, but if the fit is not snug and secure, you may find yourself using your jaws to clench the guard in place. This is definitely not what you want. 

Why Do I Need to Check This Regularly?

It's important to check this regularly, especially in children, because, as they grow, their bite and teeth pattern may change. Even if those changes are very slight, they may result in an ill-fitting mouthguard. 

Dentists always recommend that school checkups are performed before the start of every school year and also during the year. This helps to ensure that your child's dental health is maintained and to avoid any unnecessary time off school due to cavities or toothache. There is no better time to check the fit of your child's mouthguard than at one of these school checkups. If you're in Naperville, IL, Dental Pointe can schedule you in with one of our child-friendly dentists. 

While mouthguards can be very useful dental devices, if they don't fit well, you might find the guard to be uncomfortable and not as helpful as it should be. Schedule your next school checkup with Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL by calling (630) 333-9571.

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