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Orthodontics for Impacted Canines

How orthodontic treatment from your dentists in Naperville, IL, can help your smile

Your teeth and jaws grow at different rates. This, along with other factors, can lead to crowded teeth. Orthodontic treatment is the solution to give you a straight smile. The dentists at Dental Pointe Family Dentistry and Orthodontics in Naperville, IL, offer a wide range of dentistry and orthodontic services to help you and your smile.

One of the main problems which result in the need for orthodontic treatment is impacted canine teeth. Canines can become impacted, or unable to erupt because another tooth is blocking their path to eruption.

Impacted canines may sometimes be painful, and they also cause problems with biting and chewing. They also detract from the beauty of your smile.

Upper canines typically erupt around the age of 13, followed by the lower canines, although eruption rates vary.

Untreated impacted canine teeth can lead to:

  • Tooth decay, because the teeth are difficult to impossible to keep clean
  • Gum and periodontal disease, because the continual accumulation of plaque bacteria can infect the gum tissue, ligaments, fibers, and bone around the canines
  • Biting and chewing problems, because canines are vital in the biting process, and if your canines are impacted, they are not able to bite down on food

To orthodontically correct an impacted canine, a bracket and chain are placed on the canine. This bracket and chain combination works to guide the canine into the braces placed on the rest of your smile.

Eventually, the bracket and chain are removed and a rubber band is put in place. The rubber band gently moves the impacted tooth into the correct position. Moving impacted canines may take up to a year.

Orthodontics can correct tooth positioning and alignment problems, including impacted canines. To discover more about how orthodontics can help you and your smile, call the dentists of Dental Pointe Family Dentistry and Orthodontics in Naperville, IL. You can reach them at (630) 333-9571, so call now!

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