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Reasons You May Need Oral Surgery

Could your smile benefit from oral surgery?

There are many reasons why our Naperville, IL, dentists Dr. Rani Seeth, Dr. Fariha Querishi, Dr. Poornima Gangaji may recommend getting oral surgery. Surgery may be used to treat infections and diseases, remove teeth or even replace missing teeth. If you are wondering whether you could benefit from oral surgery, here are the top oral surgery procedures we perform here in Naperville, IL,

Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth cause problems for most patients once they come in. That’s because our jaws are often too small to accommodate these final set of molars, which usually appear during our teen years or twenties.

If wisdom teeth are impacted, which means that they don’t fully erupt through the gums, this can increase your risk for infection, damage to neighboring teeth, decay, and gum disease. In order to protect the health of your smile, our Naperville, IL, general dentists will recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted.

Treat Knocked-Out Teeth

We see a lot of injuries, particularly in patients who play sports. If you or your child has incurred a traumatic injury to the mouth that has led to a knocked-out tooth, it’s incredibly important that you come into our office right away. Some knocked-out teeth can even be saved if treated within 30 minutes to one hour after the injury.

Get a Dental Implant

If you are missing one or more permanent teeth but you are otherwise healthy, then our dental team may recommend getting dental implants to restore your smile. A dental implant functions just like a real tooth. Of course, if order to get a dental implant you will need to undergo surgery to place the metal post into the jawbone where it will then support a false tooth or multiple false teeth, depending on how many teeth you need to replace.

Do you have questions about the services our Naperville, IL, family dentists offer? Wondering if it’s time to have your wisdom teeth removed? Whatever the case might be, call Dental Pointe at (630) 333-9571 to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to discuss your dental options with you.

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