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December 21, 2018
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The science of dental implantation was first discovered in the 1960s. Decades later, dental implants continue to be the ideal tooth replacement option for patients who have recently experienced tooth loss. Read on to learn why, and if you are interested in undergoing treatment, set aside time in your schedule to have a dentist at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL, evaluate you for dental implants.

After Tooth Loss
When it comes to dental care, losing a tooth is one of the most upsetting outcomes. Over time, if the dental opening isn’t filled, the bone tissue will begin to lose its density and the other teeth could lose their stability. The best course of action after tooth loss is to have dental implants installed as soon as possible.

Dental Implant Benefits
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium, which is a durable, high-quality biocompatible material. These are some of the reasons why dental implants are considered the premier treatment for tooth loss:

- Since you do not have to remove the implant, it can be easily cleaned along with your other teeth.
- A dental implant does not lose its fit over time and doesn’t need to be replaced by your Naperville dentist every few years.
- Dental implants keep your bone tissue useful, so it continues to stay healthy and maintain a good level of density.

Dental Implant Care
The way you care for your teeth in general, and how you maintain the dental implant in particular, will determine how long it lasts as a part of your smile. It is very possible for a dental implant to stay in its position for decades, as long as you observe these simple care tips:

- Floss carefully and thoroughly around the implant (and your other teeth) to remove leftover food particles and plaque.
- Schedule regular dental cleanings to prevent peri-implantitis (a form of gum disease).
- Ask your dentist for a nightguard if you have a problem with grinding and clenching when you’re sleeping.

A Better Smile
Don’t let a missing tooth limit your smile and hold you back from being relaxed and confident in everyday social situations. Call (630) 333-9571 today to schedule a visit with a dentist at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL.

By Dental Pointe
October 01, 2018
Category: Dental Procedure

What You Need to Know About School Checkups in Naperville, Il

Student CheckupYour child's dental healthcare is important. Taking care of your kid's teeth while teaching them proper oral hygiene is essential to their healthy growth. Here at Dental Pointe Family Dentistry and Orthodontics, our dentists can help you with this endeavor through regular school checkups.

More on School Checkups

Regular checkups and cleanings help maintain your child's dental/oral health. During this meeting, your doctor will examine the gums and teeth to ensure your child is flossing and brushing properly. Your dentist will also be able to detect any issues sooner rather than later to prevent severe problems like tooth loss due to decay or gingivitis.

A school checkup occurs before the beginning of the school year. Your kid(s) get their regular cleaning so they're set before school and then again after six months.

The advantage of school checkups, aside from preventing oral problems throughout the school year, is sometimes during the summer, winter, and spring breaks, your child’s dental regiment may not be consistent and they may suffer. School checkups ensure any damage done in the past is fixed and preventative procedures, such as giving your child teeth sealants, may be applied.

Don’t forget to schedule your child’s school checkups with your Naperville dentist for proper dental health care before the school year!

Daily Oral Hygiene is Always Important Too!

Here are some things to help maintain your child's oral health care:

  • Receiving professional dental cleanings to remove hardened plaque that's accumulated on and around teeth and gums
  • Drinking fluoride-containing water
  • Avoiding drinking too much coffee and tea
  • Attending dental checkups every six months to examine teeth and gums for cavities
  • Getting fluoride treatment to prevent serious issues, like gum disease and tooth decay
  • Using fluoride-containing products like toothpaste and mouthwash to help repair teeth
  • Flossing at least once before bed to remove food debris
  • Brushing teeth at least twice a day

For more information on school checkups, call Dental Pointe Family Dentistry and Orthodontics' Naperville office at (630) 333-9571 today!

By Dental Pointe
July 26, 2018
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Learn about oral surgery from your Naperville dentists.oral surgery

Do you need oral surgery? Oral surgeons are dentists who have received special training in surgery to correct problems of the mouth and jaw. A number of conditions may require oral surgery. Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL, offers a full range of dental services. Here are four ways oral surgery may help you.

1. Replace Lost Teeth

Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone. Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces lost teeth with fabricated teeth that look, feel, and act like real teeth. Dental implants can restore your smile, improve your look, and make you look years younger.

2. Tooth Extractions

Having a tooth pulled is sometimes necessary. A dental extraction, or tooth extraction, is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. A tooth extraction may be necessary if your tooth is so damaged that it cannot be repaired with a dental restoration. An oral surgeon who specializes in surgeries of the mouth can extract your tooth. 

3. Root Canal Therapy

In the past, diseased or injured teeth often had to be removed. Today, they can be saved through root canal therapy. Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp becomes infected. Root canal treatment has a high success rate. Root-canal-treated teeth can last a lifetime with proper care. 

4. Treat an Infection

Oral surgeons can assist in treating oral or facial infections. Pain and swelling in the face, neck, or jaw may indicate an infection. An infection in this area of the body can develop into a life-threatening emergency if it is not treated promptly. Surgery may include cutting into and draining the area and removing any teeth that may be involved. 

If you need oral surgery, why wait? We can help you today! Call Dental Pointe at 630-333-9571 today to schedule an appointment in Naperville, IL. You will experience exemplary service and care at Dental Pointe.

By Dental Pointe
June 20, 2018
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On how many occasions do you find yourself hiding your teeth, whether it’s in pictures or in familiar company? This can have a major effectcosmetic dentistry on your self-esteem and even change how you socialize. A cosmetic dentistry consultation will get you on the road to a better smile. See a dentist at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL, to discuss how you can finally show off your best possible smile.

Advances in Cosmetic Dentistry

Adjusting and improving the appearance of the teeth has been a goal for humans since ancient Egyptian times when shells and stones were used to mimic the appearance of healthy, white teeth. A lot of advances have been made since then in cosmetic dentistry that ensure better results and a more comfortable experience for patients. Research from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry shows that demand for cosmetic dentistry has grown exponentially over the years. Some of the most common treatments include crowns, bonding, implants, whitening, and veneers.

Getting to Your Best Smile

Getting your best smile possible is often accomplished by just one dental treatment. For instance, one custom-made dental crown can change your entire smile. You might need your Naperville, IL, dentist to create and install a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. Entire smiles have been made over thanks to veneer treatments. You may also find that a significant improvement to your smile is possible with just a minor procedure, such as having the teeth bonded and re-shaped.

Maintaining the Appearance of Your Teeth

One benefit of improving the way your smile looks is that you’re more likely to commit to regular dental maintenance going forward. When your teeth look better, you want them to continue to look good for as long as possible. So, in a way, cosmetic dentistry promotes better dental health. Maintain your new smile by brushing more, flossing more, and seeing your dentist on a regular schedule for cleaning and polishing.

Give Your Smile a Makeover

Your smile is a blessing to both to you and others—be a good steward over it. Explore modern cosmetic treatments with a dentist at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL. Call (630) 333-9571 today to schedule an appointment.

By Dental Pointe
March 22, 2018
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Find out if the issues you are facing require dental care.general dentistry

It’s important to know when you should turn to one of our Naperville, IL, dentists for care. A dentist can provide you and your whole family with a variety of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative options to ensure that you maintain good oral health for the rest of your life. Here’s when you should turn to a dentist:

For Routine Cleanings and Preventive Care

This is the most obvious reason people come into our office. Even if you aren’t experiencing dental issues you should still turn to our Naperville dental team twice a year to provide thorough professional cleanings and exams to make sure that everything is healthy. This simple preventive measure could protect you from decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss.

Emergency Dentistry

There are many issues that warrant an immediate trip to our office. Of course, not everyone understands what constitutes a true dental emergency. A good rule of thumb is if you are experiencing any changes to your mouth or any symptoms that you give us a call straight away. Common dental emergencies include:

  • A toothache
  • Facial pain
  • A dislodged tooth
  • A cracked or fractured tooth
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • A broken dental restoration (e.g. dental crown) or a restoration that falls off

All of these problems require urgent attention and show be addressed immediately.

While not a dental emergency, it is also important to schedule a consultation with our Naperville general dentists if you notice any changes to the health of your gums. For example, swollen, bleeding, or inflamed gums can often signify gum disease. The sooner gum disease is caught the better.

Dental Consultations

Whether you want to get a whiter or straighter smile or you want to protect your child’s teeth from decay there are many situations that warrant sitting down with us to find out what treatment options are right for you or your child. From preventive dentistry such as dental sealants and fluoride treatment to cosmetic options like teeth whitening and dental veneers to braces and restorative treatments (e.g. dental implants), we offer it all so that you can maintain a healthy smile for life.

Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL, offers comprehensive dental care that’s on point! No matter if you are dealing with an emergency situation or you just need to schedule cleanings for the whole family, you can turn to us to meet all of your dental needs.

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