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March 29, 2019
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What would you do for a brighter smile? It's not as difficult as you think. At Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL, Dr. Rani Seeth, Dr. Fariha teeth whiteningQuereshi, and Dr. Amir Danesh offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening. Their whitening patients enjoy smiles several shades brighter, and they trust their dentists' professional skill and expertise to deliver whitening that is safe for their oral health.

How Whitening Works

The American Dental Association says that most professional whitening systems use carbamide peroxide, a bleaching chemical very similar to hydrogen peroxide. When applied by the dentist in Naperville, IL, or at home with customized acrylic trays, you know your teeth, dental restorations (such as fillings, implants and crowns), and tender gum tissue will be safe.

The peroxide gel actually lifts organic stains out of the tooth enamel matrix. Tooth enamel, though super-hard, is porous and retains particles of food, tobacco, and beverages, particularly deeply colored drinks such as coffee, tea, and cola. Add factors such as age or poor brushing and flossing habits, and extrinsic, or surface, staining impacts smile aesthetics.

FAQs about Teeth Whitening

Does it really work? Yes, professional teeth whitening works wonders. Most people experience a color change of about 8 shades. However, keep in mind that few people have super white teeth to begin with. Most tooth enamel varies in shades of brown, grey, and yellow. While you may not experience Hollywood white, you will see a striking improvement in brightness.

How do I know my teeth will be OK afterwards? Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums carefully before recommending teeth whitening or any other cosmetic treatment. You may feel some mild dental or gingival sensitivity afterwards, but this goes away quickly.

How long does whitening take? The in-office version takes an hour or so. The at-home treatments take about a week of daily applications because the whitening gel is less concentrated.

Will it brighten my crowns or veneers? In general, porcelain crowns and veneers do not stain the way natural enamel does. So, these restorations will not whiten. However, the Academy of General Dentistry states that composite resin fillings may brighten a bit.

Does teeth whitening cost a lot? The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says that teeth whitening is the most economical aesthetic treatment offered by dentists.

Will my smile remain white? A lot depends on what you consume in terms of food and tobacco and how diligently you brush and floss. Drink plenty of water daily, stay away from all tobacco products, and drink your coffee, tea, and colas with a straw. See your friends at Dental Pointe for a check-up and cleaning every six months. They may recommend a whitening touch-up, too.

"Wow, you have a wonderful smile!"

Expect to hear that compliment when you whiten your teeth at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL. Call today for a consultation with one of our dentists: (630) 333-9571.

How dental crowns from your dentists in Naperville, Illinois can strengthen your smile

Dental crowns have a number of uses, ranging from restoring a damaged smile to replacing old, large metal fillings. If your teeth could use a little touching up, Dr. Rani Seeth, Dr. Fariha Querishi, and Dr. Amir Daneshat at Dental Pointe Family Dentistry and Orthodontics in Dental CrownsNaperville, IL, offer dental crowns and other restorative/cosmetic dental services to strengthen your smile!


More about Dental Crowns

You may need dental crowns if you have:

  • Teeth that are badly broken or cracked
  • Large, leaking metal or tooth-colored fillings
  • Teeth that have had root canals
  • Excessively worn down, eroded teeth

If you have had substantial damage and lost a lot of tooth structure, your dentist may need to place a metal post in your tooth to create a metal foundation for your new crown. This procedure is known as a crown build-up.

A crown can protect even badly damaged teeth, giving you back the strong chewing function that will allow you to enjoy the foods that you love. At Dental Pointe Family Dentistry and Orthodontics, you can choose a few different materials for your crown. Consider:

  • Full porcelain, if you want the most natural-looking, beautifully aesthetic dental crown material; porcelain is light-reflective and looks virtually identical to natural tooth enamel. A full porcelain crown blends perfectly with your smile.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal, also known as a PFM crown, if you want the additional strength of metal. PFM crowns lose some of the light-reflective quality of full porcelain because of the metal, so they are an excellent choice for posterior teeth.

To find out more about what dental crowns can do for you, just pick up your phone and call the dentists at Dental Pointe Family Dentistry and Orthodontics in Naperville, IL. Dial (630) 333-9571 today to get started on your new smile!

By Dental Pointe
January 25, 2019
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How oral surgery from your dentists in Naperville, IL, can help you and your smile

If you are suffering from tooth pain, having oral surgery can relieve your pain and save your smile. There are many reasons why you might need oral surgery, both painful and non-painful. The dentists at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL, offer oral surgery services to heal your smile.

So, what may cause you to need oral surgery? Pain is often the main reason people turn to oral surgery. Tooth pain can be acute and can disrupt your life. Some of the main causes of tooth pain which lead to oral surgery include:

  • Deep dental decay which can’t be relieved with root canal therapy
  • Extensive damage to tooth structure which can’t be corrected with a dental restoration
  • A severe dental infection or abscess which can’t be healed with other treatment


There are also many non-painful reasons to have oral surgery, including:

  • Upcoming orthodontic treatment to create more space by removing teeth
  • Severe bone loss and tooth mobility related to periodontal disease
  • Wisdom tooth removal due to lack of space or incomplete tooth eruption


Dental implants are also another common cause of needing oral surgery. Dental implants replace missing teeth, renewing the appearance of your smile, and restoring your full chewing function.

You may also need oral surgery to heal soft tissue. Periodontal disease attacks both the hard and soft tissue, resulting in periodontal pockets full of bacteria around your teeth. Periodontal surgery is often recommended to correct periodontal pockets, and make your mouth healthier.

Oral biopsies are also performed on soft tissue, to determine whether abnormal tissue changes or precancerous or cancerous tissue is present. An oral biopsy is a very important oral surgery service which can protect your health and your life.

Chances are you will need oral surgery treatment at some point in your life, but don’t worry. Oral surgery procedures are state-of-the-art and your dentists at Dental Pointe are dedicated to creating a stress-free, comfortable visit for you. To find out more about oral surgery and other restorative and cosmetic dental services, call the dentists at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL, today!

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December 21, 2018
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The science of dental implantation was first discovered in the 1960s. Decades later, dental implants continue to be the ideal tooth replacement option for patients who have recently experienced tooth loss. Read on to learn why, and if you are interested in undergoing treatment, set aside time in your schedule to have a dentist at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL, evaluate you for dental implants.

After Tooth Loss
When it comes to dental care, losing a tooth is one of the most upsetting outcomes. Over time, if the dental opening isn’t filled, the bone tissue will begin to lose its density and the other teeth could lose their stability. The best course of action after tooth loss is to have dental implants installed as soon as possible.

Dental Implant Benefits
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium, which is a durable, high-quality biocompatible material. These are some of the reasons why dental implants are considered the premier treatment for tooth loss:

- Since you do not have to remove the implant, it can be easily cleaned along with your other teeth.
- A dental implant does not lose its fit over time and doesn’t need to be replaced by your Naperville dentist every few years.
- Dental implants keep your bone tissue useful, so it continues to stay healthy and maintain a good level of density.

Dental Implant Care
The way you care for your teeth in general, and how you maintain the dental implant in particular, will determine how long it lasts as a part of your smile. It is very possible for a dental implant to stay in its position for decades, as long as you observe these simple care tips:

- Floss carefully and thoroughly around the implant (and your other teeth) to remove leftover food particles and plaque.
- Schedule regular dental cleanings to prevent peri-implantitis (a form of gum disease).
- Ask your dentist for a nightguard if you have a problem with grinding and clenching when you’re sleeping.

A Better Smile
Don’t let a missing tooth limit your smile and hold you back from being relaxed and confident in everyday social situations. Call (630) 333-9571 today to schedule a visit with a dentist at Dental Pointe in Naperville, IL.

By Dental Pointe
October 01, 2018
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What You Need to Know About School Checkups in Naperville, Il

Student CheckupYour child's dental healthcare is important. Taking care of your kid's teeth while teaching them proper oral hygiene is essential to their healthy growth. Here at Dental Pointe Family Dentistry and Orthodontics, our dentists can help you with this endeavor through regular school checkups.

More on School Checkups

Regular checkups and cleanings help maintain your child's dental/oral health. During this meeting, your doctor will examine the gums and teeth to ensure your child is flossing and brushing properly. Your dentist will also be able to detect any issues sooner rather than later to prevent severe problems like tooth loss due to decay or gingivitis.

A school checkup occurs before the beginning of the school year. Your kid(s) get their regular cleaning so they're set before school and then again after six months.

The advantage of school checkups, aside from preventing oral problems throughout the school year, is sometimes during the summer, winter, and spring breaks, your child’s dental regiment may not be consistent and they may suffer. School checkups ensure any damage done in the past is fixed and preventative procedures, such as giving your child teeth sealants, may be applied.

Don’t forget to schedule your child’s school checkups with your Naperville dentist for proper dental health care before the school year!

Daily Oral Hygiene is Always Important Too!

Here are some things to help maintain your child's oral health care:

  • Receiving professional dental cleanings to remove hardened plaque that's accumulated on and around teeth and gums
  • Drinking fluoride-containing water
  • Avoiding drinking too much coffee and tea
  • Attending dental checkups every six months to examine teeth and gums for cavities
  • Getting fluoride treatment to prevent serious issues, like gum disease and tooth decay
  • Using fluoride-containing products like toothpaste and mouthwash to help repair teeth
  • Flossing at least once before bed to remove food debris
  • Brushing teeth at least twice a day

For more information on school checkups, call Dental Pointe Family Dentistry and Orthodontics' Naperville office at (630) 333-9571 today!

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